Cat Boarding And Anxiety: Choosing The Right Home For Your Pet.

16 December 2015
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Whether you're planning a runaway vacation, or flying out for a business trip, finding the right boarding facility for your cat is always important. As you may have noticed, there are countless boarding home advertisements on the web, each of them promising a luxurious environment for your cat. However, it is crucial that you are diligent when choosing the right home. This is because cats can face anxiety and stress when they are separated from their living environment. Here are a few useful tips that will help you select the right cat boarding home and give your cat a seamless transition in the process.

1. Evaluate the sanitary and feeding conditions

On face value, many cat boarding facilities will appear pristine and a clean fit for your pet. However, there are often some aspects you might miss. One of the most important is food. To cut costs, some boarding homes may use food of a lesser quality for your cat, and at times you may not notice or consider this. Make sure to ask about the food services; it is important that your cat is well looked after and has access to premium wet and dry foods. Along with this,  check that the home is well air conditioned and has a good amount of space, your cat will want to move around and play.

Tip: Often, cats enjoy having some background music, it can help them relax. Keep this in mind when choosing a boarding home.

2. Choosing a home similar to yours

This is one of the most important factors when selecting a boarding home. Cats, after living in a particular environment for a period of time, will become accustomed to the home. They feel comfortable because they are adjusted to the surroundings. Changing your cat's environment abruptly can cause a large amount of anxiety. If a cat feels uncomfortable in the new environment, they can actually pretend to be sick. If the boarding home is too different to your own home, your cat may stop eating, which can be a result from stress and discomfort. It is important that you find a boarding home that can provide a daily routine that your cat can recognize. This can range from having similar playing toys along with similar odors. For your cat to feel most comfortable, the boarding home should feel and smell similar to your own home. By finding the right boarding home, you can rest easy knowing your cat can relax and feel comfortable while you're away.